I’m an avid programmer and spent 6+ years at Facebook as a Production Engineer (also known as SRE in other places), where I helped multiple teams make their services more reliable, squeeze more out of the hardware, and generally do more with less.
In my free time I help non-profits and work on automating my home.
I help businesses deliver robust, scalable and performant services. If you think we should work together, drop me a line!

Things I do well

  1. Automating all the things
    Whether we’re talking about discovering leaked user PII in debug logs or turning on the heating on a chilly morning, I automate manual work so people can spend time on something more interesting.

  2. Designing and implementing robust, elastic, highly-available systems and processes
    Thinking about how things can break (and how we can prevent that breakage) is a required step in designing something that will not break unexpectedly once deployed.

  3. Firefighting and fire drills
    There is a significant difference between firefighting with and without preparation. With forward thinking, you can prepare your monitoring, documentation, on-call rotation, and tooling and sleep easy, knowing that if something breaks at 3 am, your team will be ready.

  4. Solving special problems
    Some of your problems may be outside your team’s area of expertise. Maybe it’s a cross-service ‘no-man’s land’, maybe it touches the infrastructure too much for comfort, maybe it just won’t print on Tuesdays. I like these problems, and I like solving them even better.

  5. Quick prototyping
    When building a service, speed and agility can be key to testing its potential and gathering valuable feedback. With my comprehensive full-stack experience, I can quickly develop a service without sacrificing security or hindering its future scalability.

Contact me

Happy to chat!