After a few years doing computer-related stuff, I grew furstrated at having problems that ended up having simple solutions, but I couldn’t find those solution online. I decided my meager contribution to the Internet would be summarizing these findings and posting them online, so other people will find them next time they’re having a problem.
At first I was sure no one cares about my posts about how to use then-new PowerShell, troubleshooting our weird Active Directory problems, or automating SharePoint deployment. I was happy to discover I was wrong.
Some of my posts were referenced by Microsoft support forums, others made it to the first result in Google (Try Group Policy show Mail icon). Some reached neither, but were useful for future-me when I ran into the same issue (XSLT is hard).
I started around 2010 (with Blogger), and still post to this day.

What do I post about

  1. Problems that aren’t completely unique to my environment, have no result found online, and take over 30 minutes to solve
  2. Anacdotes that I think are enjoyable, even if you’re not working on exactly the same things as me
  3. Projects I’m proud of