Quick Docker Compose commands for ECS

less than 1 minute read

I’m pretty new to Dockering in the wild, and I’m trying to use the new ECS integration to push all of my tiny app to the cloud.

This is a list of tiny helpers I wrote.

Logout of all registries

cat ~/.docker/config.json | jq '.auths | keys[]' -r | xargs -rn1 docker logout

Basically get existing sessions from the confing file, then logout on each.

Login to my AWS ECRs


REPOSITORIES="$(aws ecr --region "$REGION" --profile "$PROFILE" describe-repositories | jq '.repositories[].repositoryUri' -r | perl -pe 's|(amazonaws.com)/.*|\1|' | sort | uniq)"
PASS="$(aws ecr get-login-password --region "$REGION" --profile "$PROFILE")"
echo "$REPOSITORIES" | xargs -I {} docker login --username AWS --password "$PASS" {}

Get all repositories, for each get the registry and login to each.

Deploy everything

Create context:

docker-compose-cli context create ecs best-context

Deploy stuff:

docker compose build
docker compose push
docker-compose-cli --context best-context compose up --build