Disabling “generate Publisher Evidence” using scripts

1 minute read

I found the script we were using to disable authenticode on our machines, a feature that causes great suffering (and dll-loading-delays) to workstations not connected to the Internet when using various Microsoft products (i.e. SQL Management Studio, SharePoint).
Note the line at the end - the script tries to find all machine.config files on the local machine, but you might want to modify other files (remote machines, only version 4 etc.).
Also, this script modifies windows configuration files, so make sure to test critical systems afterwards (perhaps reboot the server).

function Modify-Config([string]$filename,[string]$backupDir="~"){
 Write-Verbose "Loading XML $filename"
 $doc = new-object xml
 Write-Verbose 'Locating parent node (/configuration/runtime)'
 $parent = $doc.SelectSingleNode('/configuration/runtime')
 if(!$parent){Write-Error 'Non-default xml. Stopping'}
  Write-Verbose 'Locating child node (generatePublisherEvidence)'
  $child = $parent.generatePublisherEvidence
   Write-Verbose 'Creating child node'
   $child = $doc.CreateElement('generatePublisherEvidence')

  Write-Verbose 'Checking attribute "enabled"'
  if($child.enabled -ne $false){
    Write-Verbose 'Creating node "enabled"'
    $att = $doc.CreateAttribute('enabled')

   Write-Verbose 'Setting "enabled" to "false"'
   $child.enabled = $false

   # If modified, save
   Write-Verbose 'Backing up file'
   if($backupDir) {cp $filename -dest $backupDir}

   Write-Verbose 'Saving file'

('Framework','Framework64') | %{"$env:windir\Microsoft.NET\$_"} | ?{test-path $_} | %{ls $_ -fi 'v*' | ?{$_.mode -like 'd*'}} | select -exp fullname | %{"$_\CONFIG\machine.config"} | ?{test-path $_} | %{Modify-Config $_}