Linux and SSDs - Should You TRIM?

Note: Although my experience is with Debian, I think this post helps anyone using some modern Linux distribution.

What is TRIM?

As a Windows sysadmin, I didn't really consider the cons of running on top of Solid-State Drives, or SSDs. These drives are based on flash memory (similar to a Disk-On-Key), rather than metallic plates.
A big difference between magnetic hard drives and SSDs is block reuse. more ...

Listing Unity's Scopes and Originating Package

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 (beta2), and I got all of my "lenses" (searching additional items in the dash menu), that look like this:

Of course there's a way to disable those lenses, but I actually want to remove those I'll never use (like flickr).
The problem  - lenses …

more ...