Some Jenkins helpers for Chef

I've decided to share some code I use in Chef to pull some data and files from Jenkins


This is a helper class, in charge of getting build-related data

# slasher_development/libraries/jenkins_query.rb

module SlasherDevelopment
  class JenkinsQuery
    def initialize(server,user,password,job)
      @scheme='https' # Modify if needed
      @server …
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Managing Jenkins API Tokens

The problem

Api Tokens are like user passwords, except they are always managed by Jenkins (even if you're using an external authentication scheme), and can only be used for "API" actions (e.g. using curl).
The storage scheme of these tokens is a little weird - the stored value is hashed …

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Locking Down Jenkins' Authentication

Update 19.02.15

After posting my script in the Jenkins mailing list, I was told about a simpler way for implmenting my authorization strategy. I'm leaving this post because the things I learnt from developing the plugin are still valuable and may help someone someday.

The REAL solution

We'll …

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