Some Jenkins helpers for Chef

I've decided to share some code I use in Chef to pull some data and files from Jenkins


This is a helper class, in charge of getting build-related data

# slasher_development/libraries/jenkins_query.rb

module SlasherDevelopment
  class JenkinsQuery
    def initialize(server,user,password,job)
      @scheme='https' # Modify if needed
      @server …
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Accessing a specific server in an HTTP cluster

The Problem

Part1 - Fault tolerence

A common configuration of web servers is setting up multiple servers to serve the same content, with a load-balancing method redirecting / forwarding clients to a specific server.
For instance, let's say I'm using servers server and otherserver to serve the site cluster-name.
The cheapest (as …

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Some PowerShell Snippets for Network Scanning

I recently had to improvise some network scanning using PowerShell. The security guys got somewhat excited, so I decided to upload these snippets.
I think all of them require PowerShell v2+

Checking ping for one IP address

Test-Connection $target -count 1 -quiet

Checking if a TCP port is listening

function …
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Wget in PowerShell v3

I've been envying my *nix brethren for having Wget for a long time. To get the contents of a web page or download a file using http I had to use workarounds that took more than one command - either creating a new System.Net.WebRequest or using a BITS module …

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Creating proxied http requests with PowerShell

I'm working on some sort of HTTP proxy (maybe more details about it later), and to test it I've created a short PowerShell script.
Note it also performs basic authentication voluntarily (without waiting for a server challenge) by injecting an Authorization header, because I was testing something extra special.
I …

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